Premiere: 14 March 2014
Author: Maciej Wojtyszko
Title: A Proof of the Other's Existence
Original Title: Dowód na istnienie drugiego
Director: Maciej Wojtyszko

Auditorium: Wierzbowa Street Hall

Running time: 2 hour 5 min, one interval

Ticket prices:

full-price ticket:
85 PLN

concession ticket:
65 PLN

rush ticket:
35 PLN  more info →

students of state theatre and art schools: 
15 PLN more info →

A Proof of the Other's Existence

What should be said or left unsaid between two writers? Maciej Wojtyszko stages the meeting of two Polish authors, Witold Gombrowicz and Sławomir Mrożek, pushing them to the verge of explosion.

Jan Englert as Gombrowicz and Cezary Kosiński as Mrożek portray the artists who provoke each other – one with constant pretending and the other with aloofness and silence. Wojtyszko retells the history of their actual meetings in 1965 and 1966 creating a drama about struggles with the Polish identity. As its viewers, we realize where we come from and what has shaped us.

director: Maciej Wojtyszko 
set designer: Paweł Dobrzycki 
music: Piotr Moss 
lighting designer: Grzegorz Kędzierski


2015 – Cyprian Kamil Norwid Award in "Theatre" category to Maciej Wojtyszko as an author and director of A Proof of the Other's Existence


Production team:

  • director's assistant: Marcin Przybylski 
  • set designer assistants: Elwira Szyszka, Anita Trzaskowska, Joanna Walisiak-Jankowska 
  • sound technicians: Marcin Kotwa, Maciej Rybicki 
  • lighting technicians: Adam Kalka (till September 2016), Dariusz Wieczorek 
  • stage manager: Krzysztof Kuszczyk 

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