Opening Night: 13 April 2013
Author: Eugène Ionesco
Title: The Bald Soprano
Original Title: La Cantatrice chauve
Translator: Jerzy Lisowski
Director: Maciej Prus

Auditorium: Wierzbowa Street Hall

Running time: 1 hour 10 min, no interval

Ticket prices:

full-price ticket:
75 PLN

concession ticket:
65 PLN

rush ticket:
30 PLN  more info →

students of state theatre and art schools: 
15 PLN more info →

The Bald Soprano

Do the limits of my language mean the limits of my world? The manifesto of the Theatre of the Absurd directed by Maciej Prus.

The Smiths, the Martins, the maid and the Fire Chief. They babble. Unable to express any thought or feeling, these characters embody the nonsense of everyday conversations and public speeches. Their language expands and fills up the cosmos, revealing its absurdity. A classic comedy of the 20th-century.

director: Maciej Prus 
set designer: Boris Kudlička 
costume designer: Jagna Janicka 
lighting designer: Maciej Igielski


Production team:

  • set designer's assistants: Arkadiusz Chrustowski, Elwira Szyszka
  • costume designer's assistant: Anita Trzaskowska
  • lighting technicians: Adam Kalka (till September 2016), Dariusz Wieczorek
  • sound technicians: Marcin Kotwa, Maciej Rybicki
  • stage manager, prompter: Ewa Dworecka

Licence for this stage production was granted by the Society of Authors – ZAiKS.

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